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Toronto Criminal Lawyer George Gray
George Gray | Toronto Criminal Lawyer
R. v. V.V. (2020)

“I really thought this was going to be a rough case and thanks to your due diligence, professionalism, rapid actions, knowledge and efforts everything workout perfect. Myself and my family will forever be thankful. Most lawyers would have walk away from our situation and they have done so in the past. You got it done. I would recommend you to anyone who needs a criminal defence lawyer for themselves and for their love ones. Wishing you nothing but the very best and keep up the great work. Best quality on our humble opinion. George won’t give up on your case.”

R. v. A.P. (2020)

“As a former client it really has been a pleasure dealing with George. I am particularly pleased with how smoothly things have gone. Highly recommended.”

R. v. C.M (2020)

George Gray is very professional in his work. As a client I am very satisfied with the result and I recommend him to everyone. Of all the lawyers I consulted with, he was the best. The best of all is that he speaks French, English and Spanish. I never had a communication problem.

R. v. M.K. (2019)

“George Gray is an amazing defense lawyer. My case was related to police misconduct which ended up in criminal court. George was able to listen to me, study my case and set a strategy to tackle the case. At the end of the process I was surprised with George’s ability and knowledge. Just seeing him and his presence in the court room gave me confidence that I was going to win my case against the officer. I will recommend George to anyone without even thinking twice. Thank you George for defending me!!”

R. v. M.S. (2019)

“When I started my criminal proceedings, I was looking at three months in jail and a hefty fine. George, however, was successfully able to negotiate for a conditional discharge — meaning no jail time, no fine, and I received probation. George is very professional, well-spoken, well-read, and empathic to his clients. He will fight for your rights. He’s very prompt with responding to phone calls, emails and texts, and will happily make time to hear you out, as well as give excellent legal recommendations. Thank you George!”

R. v. J.P. (2018)

George Gray is a fantastic lawyer. My son and I were looking for a lawyer for criminal charges and he exceeded our expectations greatly. He is very well educated about the law, always open and honest with his opinions, will show u all sides of your case, your options , give advice when needed. He’s efficient, timely, and professional. He always answers emails, and phone calls right away. We can’t say enough good things about him. My son was definitely suppose to do a jail sentence but George was able to get him 2 years probation. Amazing outcome. I highly recommend him for your lawyer!! You won’t be disappointed.

R. v. J.S. (2018)

“I will refrain from conducting a detailed credibility analysis. Suffice it to say that Mr. Murphy and Mr. Gray were extremely effective in their cross examinations.” – Justice D. Moore

R. v. N.D. (2018)

“I did not rely on PC Todd’s testimony as proof of anything, given that his credibility and reliability was badly compromised during Mr. Gray’s cross-examination.” – Justice H. Pringle

R. v. S.K. (2018)

“George is a great lawyer. Not like most – very personable and professional. Always replies to emails, texts and phone calls, and he is very knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend to any one looking for a criminal defence lawyer.”

R. v. A.D. (2018)

“I’m happy George was able to use his skills to negotiate my release. I would highly recommend and give many thanks!”

R. v. C.C. (2017)

“George had both sets of charges withdrawn before trial commenced by providing in depth legal arguments, and by advising me appropriately before I made decisions based on what was in front of me. I was thoroughly impressed with how detailed and comprehensive his knowledge of the law is, and how it related to my case. His depth of understanding of the current laws, and how they could be applied to my advantage, was top notch.

George always treated me with the utmost respect, professional consideration, and interest on a personal level, despite having a prior criminal record. Thank you George. I won’t squander the opportunity that your great work has provided.”